Empowerment & Healing

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God respects me when I work but he loves me when I sing.

—rabindranath tagore

Emotional healing can at times seem overwhelming and unrewarding. But in truth, we are perfect at our core, and our intrinsic ability to heal is as accessible as everything we need to heal from. Through this workshop, we will explore methods for accessing both our pain and our power, including meditation, writing, and discussion. We will use sankalpa, or thought intention, and yoga nidra, or yoga sleep to somatically underscore that each individual’s journey to growth and enlightenment is best informed by her internal strength and wisdom. From this internal place we gain the upper hand in our healing and begin to move toward trusting and living with peace and joy.

Ashley Matthews began teaching yoga in 2011, inspired by the Buddhist teaching that suffering stems from thinking there is lasting happiness in material things. Her dharma as a yoga teacher became clear when one of her regular students confided that attending her classes helped in her battle with depression. Ashley incorporates the teachings of resilience, patience, and impermanence into her yoga classes and also leads corporate classes in mindfulness meditation, pranayama, and asana.

Elizabeth Carey has had a life-long interest in linguistics and behavior, particularly how word choices unconsciously support or undercut the ideas we think we convey. For nearly 35 years, she has engaged in deep healing from extreme childhood trauma and addiction, and maintains that each of us has a vital responsibility to heal our personal behavior not only for our individual well-being, but to leave a legacy of strong emotional and spiritual health for future generations.

Empowerment and Healing from the Inside Out

with Ashley Matthews & Elizabeth Carey

Saturday, October 14, 11:30–6:00pm

$110 / $125 (after 10/10)

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