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Gin Evans

Gin Evans a former graphic artist, found that vinyasa’s fluid, organic lines offer a three dimensional space for creative expression. She has taught yoga in the Newburyport area since 1999, and in 2009 opened Repose Yoga to provide a safe, nurturing environment for others wishing to explore yoga’s empowering benefits. Her dynamic flows offer stability to new yogis, while providing seasoned practitioners the appropriate tools to up-level. Gin’s classes are never the same but are always fun, fresh, and physically invigorating.

Ashley Matthews began teaching yoga in 2011, and was inspired by an Indian and Asian philosophy class in college. Her dharma as a yoga teacher became clear when one of her regular students confided that attending her classes helped in her battle with depression. With a lifelong connection to the Atlantic Ocean, Ashley incorporates the teachings of resilience, patience, and impermanence into her yoga classes and also leads corporate classes in mindfulness meditation, pranayama, and asana.

Ashley Matthews

Brynn Wartman

Brynn Wartman’s journey has taken her across the paths of numerous teachers and varied practices, but it was her prenatal Yoga experience that inspired her to teach. Brynn’s work, both on and off the mat, centers on honest internal reflection, creative self expression and gratitude for the teachable moments that follow us throughout the entirety of our existence. She feels honored to have the opportunity to support others in discovering a sense of inner calm, outer peace and a connection to the very best version of themselves.

Carolyn Davis brings a background in human services to her teaching, having worked as a social worker and educator for 35 years. She was drawn to yoga for the physical practice, but soon realized that the transformational and healing benefits were life changing. Her classes flow with a powerful energy and vigor, providing students a safe yet challenging space to increase strength, flexibility, and balance. Carolyn is a certified Trauma Informed Mind Body Program facilitator, trained with Joshua Summers in yin yoga, an ongoing student at the Newburyport Insight Meditation Center, and her yoga trainings continue with Gregor Singleton and Claire Este McDonald.

Carolyn Davis

Eric Abramo

Eric Abramo started yoga back in 2000 and it unexpectedly transformed his life in subtle ways. He found old anxieties dissipating, daily stress diminishing, and sleep was more restorative and rejuvenating. Through the years Eric has studied various styles and approaches to yoga. He believes that all approaches can inspire transformation and bring about healing. Whether it be the practice of the foundational eight-limbs of yoga, or of vigorous or restorative asana, Eric believes this transformation happens not only within the body but also within the human spirit.

Kendall Gagnon’s practice began as a physical one, looking to push and stretch her body to new limits. As her physical practice developed however, she began to understand that the mental benefits of yoga far outweigh the physical ones. This was especially alluring to her because she is also a licensed mental health counselor. She has found that yoga techniques and counseling skills overlap and she works to cultivate a fusion of these techniques in her classes. Additionally, she is always learning new and creative ways to challenge her students while infusing humor and lightheartedness into her sequences.

Kendall Gagnon

Kerrie Sesto

Kerrie Sesto strives to honor the origins of yoga by emphasizing mindfulness, alignment, and connection to breath. In her classes you can expect a balance of strength and grace as well as laughter. Kerrie is grateful to share the wisdom of yoga so her students can cultivate their own practice, intelligently guided from within. Yoga inspires Kerrie both as a student and as a teacher to experience life as it happens, honoring where you are in each moment, breath by breath.

Kristin Bernier believes the practice of yoga brings grace, strength and overall health to life. She finds continual inspiration in the joy and challenge of her practice. As a holistic massage therapist she believes that yoga is the key element in bringing the spiritual, mental, and physical body together. Yoga helps her find beauty in transitions and to stay present in the moment both on and off the mat. She is grateful to be able to share this beautiful practice.

Kristin Bernier

Melissa Harrington

Melissa Harrington believes yoga is a way to come home to ourselves and our practice is a mirror for the way we are living our lives. Her teaching style reflects a synthesis of the numerous teacher trainings and workshops she has attended, including certifications in STOTT Pilates, TRX, and Personal Training. She welcomes students who are willing to play, take risks, and promise to laugh at at least one of her jokes! When not on the mat you will find her with a book, on a bike, or packing to travel.

Sandy Snyder started practicing yoga in 1996 and within the practice found peace of mind for the first time in her life. My mind was quiet, my fears were gone, all distractions slowly disappeared while on the mat. Here I was the best version of myself. Only much later did the role of ‘yoga teacher’ enter into the equation. With a background in Ashtanga, Yin yoga, Reiki, and Cross Fit, and believing humor and good energy will get you through about anything, Sandy enjoys sharing her love of yoga and empowering her students to find the best versions of themselves.

Sandy Snyder

Julia Tirabassi

As a former personal trainer, it was Julia’s passion for movement and an ongoing fascination with the body’s unlimited potential that led her to a full-time career as a Yoga teacher and movement professional. An avid movement enthusiast, asana addict, alignment geek, and strength fanatic, Julia infuses all of her teaching with an impassioned knowledge of sound biomechanics, applied anatomy, functional efficacy, and an overall zest for playful explorations. Eternally true to her days as a fitness trainer, Julia’s teaching style continues to include plenty of athleticism, but has evolved into a unique “special blend” of creative physicality, sweaty satisfaction, mindful movement, and keen attention to deep detail. It is her sincerest pleasure and privilege to service the spread of yoga’s magnificence with ecstatic integrity.

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This class introduces the “basics” with the intention of helping newcomers develop an intelligent and sustainable practice. Through standing and seated postures (asanas), we will address proper alignment while increasing strength and flexibility. Most importantly, we’ll focus on how engaging the breath (pranayama) can assist in relaxation and the longevity of your practice. Perfect for beginners and appropriate for any yogi wishing to revisit foundation principles.

Slow Flow 2017-04-20T23:22:14+00:00

This class approaches sun salutations at a slower pace, allowing more space to hold and experience each posture. Through grounded and more relaxed sequences, yogis of all levels will build strength and flexibility while refining their alignment. A great class for those who’ve taken time off the mat and would like to ease back into their practice.

Vinyasa 2017-04-20T23:21:26+00:00

This energizing class emphasizes proper alignment and breath work as we move through sun salutations and vinyasa (flow). Each class offers something different, as instructors vary the sequences to either highlight certain muscle groups or to accommodate a central focus; be it arm balances, inversions, or backbends. Modifications are always offered so that the fun can be shared by yogis of all levels. Familiarity with basic yoga vocabulary is encouraged, but not required.

Gentle 2017-04-20T23:19:49+00:00

Our gentle class welcomes beginners and anyone wishing to balance their regular practice with a softer class. Those dealing with chronic stiffness, muscle/joint related injuries, or emotional tension will find ease and relief in a calm atmosphere. With less attention to strength building poses, you’re invited to stretch, breathe, and simply de-stress.

Slow Flow & Yin 2017-04-20T23:18:35+00:00

This class settles you into yin poses for 3-5 minutes with intense but relaxing stretches that alleviate the hips, low back, and pelvis. Through long, passive holds Yin Yoga targets the body’s dense (and difficult to release) connective tissues. Relieve chronic tension, increase flexibility, and connect to your intuition in this deeply meditative practice. We will spend 45 minutes in a slow flow and end class with a 30 minute yin practice. The talented Zach Field offers live accompaniment once or twice a month with pitched gongs and drums (see schedule; $5 extra charge for live music classes).

Lunar Flow 2017-04-20T23:17:25+00:00

Knowledge of where the moon lies in its lunar cycle lends clues about our daily emotional, energetic, and physical states. In this all-levels gentle class we will synchronize asana (posture) and dhyana (meditation) with the current lunar phase in order to enhance and balance our physical practice, tune-in with our natural cosmic cycles, and empower ourselves to make informed decisions both on and off the yoga mat.

Restorative Yoga 2017-04-20T22:27:04+00:00

Restorative yoga combines longer held passive poses with props, hands-on assists, candlelight, and soothing music. Experience new depths of awareness in a relaxing environment. No yoga experience required.

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